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Marketing Primers

These two page, front to back, laminated sheets summarize key definitions, theories, concepts and models from two books coauthored by Nancy Lee and Philip Kotler. They provide a quick reference guide and convenient mechanism for reviewing, reinforcing and sharing principles and practices from each of the books.  Laminated Primers are available from [email protected] for $5 each including mailing; or you can download and print from:  Social Marketing in the Public Sector,  Social Marketing, Influencing Behaviors for Good Edition 4Social Marketing, Changing Behaviors for Good Edition 5.



            Edition 4                                        Edition 5

To order laminated primers send the following information to [email protected] :

  1. Social Marketing - or- Marketing in the Public Sector primer and number of copies.
  2. Name
  3. Organization
  4. Mailing address

Orders will be mailed with an invoice for payment.