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Social Marketing is a distinct behaviour change discipline, one that has been labeled as such since the early '70s and is focused on behavior change for good -- ones that will improve health, prevent injuries, protect the environment, contribute to communities and enhance financial well being. Fundamental principles at the core of this practice have been used to help reduce tobacco use, decrease infant mortality, stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, make wearing bike helmets a social norm, decrease littering, increase recycling, increase savings, and persuade pet owners to license their pets and "scoop their poop."

Social Marketing Services, Inc., formed in 1993, is a small consulting firm located in the Seattle area providing consultation and training for social marketing campaign development and evaluation.  (See Nancy in Pedestrian Safety Video ) 

Nancy Lee, MBA, Founder and President of Social Marketing Services, Inc., has more than 30 years of professional marketing experience in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. She is an affiliate instructor member at the University of Washington. She conducts seminars and workshops and has had many speaking engagements on social marketing at conferences, coalition meetings and workshopsaround the world.





Nancy has writen 15 books, 13 with Philip Kotler:

  • Social Marketing: Behavior Change for Social Good (Lee/Kotler/Colehour) Sage 2023 7th edition
  • Success in Social Marketing: 100 Case Studies from Around the Globe (Lee/Kotler) Routledge 2022
  • Social Marketing: Behavior Change for Social Good (Lee/Kotler) Sage 2020 6th edition
  • Policymaking for Citizen Behavior Change: A Social Marketing Approach (Lee) Routledge 2017
  • Social Marketing: Changing Behaviors for Good (Lee/Kotler) Sage 2016 5th edition
  • GOOD WORKS: Marketing and Corporate Initiatives That Build a Better World ... And The Bottom Line  (Kotler/Hessekiel/Lee) Wiley 2012
  • Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good (Lee/Kotler) Sage 2011 4th edition
  • Social Marketing In India (Deshpande/Lee) Sage India 2013
  • Social Marketing to Protect the Environment: What Works (Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Nancy R. Lee, P. (Paul) Wesley Schultz and Philip Kotler) Sage 2011
  • Social Marketing for Public Health: Global Trends and success Stories (Cheng/Kotler/Lee) Jones and Bartlett 2009
  • Up and Out of Poverty: The Social Marketing Solution (Kotler/Lee) Wharton School Publishing 2009
  • Social Marketing: Influencing Behaviors for Good (Kotler/Lee) Sage 2008
  • Marketing in the Public Sector (Kotler/Lee) Wharton School Publishing 2006
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Kotler/Lee) Wiley 2005
  • Social Marketing: Improving the Quality of Life (Kotler/Roberto/Lee) Sage 2002

 Additional publications available for you on this Web site include Planning Worksheets .